Photo Formals are here:. 

Traditionally events including proms, little leagues, soccer programs, and corporate events have long relied on formal photos to enhance their event experience.  Typically those photos are staged individual sessions and weeks later you receive your edited photos.  

With our need today for instant gratification, we feel that a more modern structure for "Photo Formals" is a necessity.    

So what's so different?

For starters, with today's technology we can print on-site in a matter of seconds... why wait weeks to get your photos.  Due to the on-site printing, those our photos are unedited. 

Second, we have certainly learned with our photo booth experiences that EACH of us definitely has our own personality and we believe the BEST photos are the ones where that personality can shine through (if you want, of course).  No more staging and tilting your head at some weird unnatural angle and smiling to pretend your neck isn't breaking.

We can also tailor the output to meet each customers tastes:

  *If your looking to add an elegant 5x7 formal pose in a personalized photo card with your names and        wedding date on the front for your wedding guests as the enter your cocktail hour...we can do that

   *If your a holding a company picnic or holiday party and would like formal 5x7 photos in a                           personalized photo card with your company name and date on the front..... we can do that  

  *If your a school looking for beautiful 5x7 couple photos in personalized photo cards with your school         name, prom theme and/or the date on it........we can do that

  *If your a local baseball, soccer or softball league looking to provide photo sheets with a variety of              sizes OR personalized photo cards with your league name on the front...... YES we can do that also