The following dates have already been booked.  

We have elected to only accept one booking per day going forward and therefore will be operating on a first-come, first-serve basis for all future bookings (we are fully prepared to complete the four existing dates which have multiple bookings).


  ​  Nov

          17th Abby & Andrew's wedding

          24th Queensbury Reunion

          25th Private Party


           16th Stephanie & Matt's wedding



          13th Corporate Holiday Party


​           16th - Carmen & Dave's Wedding


           16th Shawna & Seth's wedding

​           24th Melody & Jason's wedding

​           31st Lauren & Nathan's wedding


​          26th Nancy & Andrew Wedding 

​   Jun

            2nd Jess & Mike's Wedding

            23rd Closed 

           30th Lauren & Lance's wedding


           7th Katie & Matt's wedding 


​            4th Christine & Erik's wedding

            17th Rachel & Chase's wedding

​            18th Wanda & Doug's wedding


​            2nd Alexa and Sean's wedding

            8th Brittany & Martin's wedding

​            8th Michaela & Sarah's wedding

            15th Amanda & Adam's wedding

            28th Brianna & Paul's wedding

​            29th Jessica & Jeremy's wedding